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Floureon® company was formed in 2005. Through organic growth the company has expanded its Market presence and capabilities as represented in its four locations across North America.

Floureon®  company offers a broad range of battery products which are supported by some of the most advanced battery manufacturers of the world.Floureon company is ISO certified in order to maintain its commitment to continual quality improvement.

Floureon® CCTV DVR security system to protect your home,shop and office. Best seller on Ebay and Amazon.

Our customers are the reason why we exist. Our mission as a company is to provide the highest quality products that our customers can expect. We are driven to meet and exceed our customer expectations for quality and service.

Floureon company strives to provide a growth oriented, technically innovative and stable work environment for our employees. The company has a 25 year commitment to maintaining safe injury free workplace environment for its staff.

floureon battery

FLOUREON 8CH Full D1 H.264 CCTV WiFi DVR +4 Outdoor Waterproof Camera HDMI Security Kit, Support HDMI Output/USB Wireless Network Card /USB 3G Wireless Network Card

About Floureon”的一个响应

  1. je viens d acheter un kit de surveillance fleureon par le biais du site amazon je n arrive pads a me connecter a distance avec le dvr est ce que je dois avoir un ip fixe sinon dites moi comment ? merci

    • You need to forward both the HTTP port and the Media port to the external router. DNS of DVR set to be the same as router. Then use the router IP + HTTP port number to remote access the DVR.

    • Input error password 3 times DVR will be locked.
      If you get an error code show me the code I will send the password to you .
      If there is no error code and only appear “Account has been locked” , please use the following super password to unlock. Base the date on the screen of DVR to select the correct password. When you input super password DVR will restore default setting. The default username is admin default password is no password
      if date is 2018-01-31,super password is yzrhbw0
      if date is 2018-02-01,super password is NRqqno4792
      if date is 2018-02-02,super password is H5cvn31199
      For more super password contact Floureon to get it.
      If the above method is invalid, please contact support@floureon.com

  2. can anyone help me i can access my 4 cameras in my house with wifi but outside i can’t even connect with 4g i use to be able to connect but for some reason it as stopped connecting ?

    • How to remote access DVR via mobile phone please refer to the steps
      1.DVR connect to router via Ethernet cable
      2.Enter the Network setting of DVR to set DHCP Enable and DNS set up to Primary DNS: / Secondary DNS :
      3.Check whether DVR connect to Internet success.If the Nat status is Connected mean that DVR connect to Internet success.
      4.Phone connect to the Internet, download and install APP XMeye, then open the APP, click Add Device, enter the DVR device code and password.
      Note: APP need to register account, if you can not complete the registration, please select the local login mode.

  3. I have a 2 cam for the floureon it’s asking for password when I want to record it’s giving me a hint “NULL” but I still can’t get in as administrator please help kind regards

  4. Hello Floureon team,

    I have bought a IPD-L26Y02-BS camera (firmware V1.04.10-160809). The hardware is great. But the two manuals found on a cd leave some questions open:

    1. I’d like to have a complete web site tree of die http-Port of the camera. E.G. there is a path /1/h264major. How is called the path for the sub channel oder the jpeg images?
    2. Since there are sent uid/pwd info over the internet, I would like to use a https port. How can I manage that?
    3. There can be found some open ports of the camera in the settings. Are there more of them? What exactly does every port deliver?

    Best regards
    Stefan Demmig

    • DVR needs install a bulit-in 3.5 inch SATA2.0 hard drive to save records(500GB to 4TB HDD),not support external hard drive.
      When you finished install hard drive for DVR , you need to enter Main Menu→ Advance → Storage to format hard drive and then to set up the recording mode. Any other problem contact support@floureon.com

  5. Stick with your batteries, the dvr I got from walmart is one big headache. It didn’t come with a CD and only with an address stuck on a small plastic bag and all the help I get on this always turns out to be for another eight channel DVR. This dvr has no model number on it anywhere,no power switch,no audio inputs or outputs and nothing on the front panel except three leds and a non-functioning IR opening and the Floureon trade mark and H.264 digital video recorder.

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