Best Battery Case For the iPhone 5/5s, Double Your Life

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Have you ever ran into the situation when your phone is out of power, you are in urgent need of a charger without finding one at hand, or you are just in the travel far away from the places to recharge the device? This is really the time you need a battery case to work your phone hard.

 Protective Battery Charger Case by FLOUREON® Apple Certified 2200mAh External The chargers on the markets works basically the same way: You charge the cases up by plugging them into a wall adapter or USB port, and you activate them when you want to start charging up your iPhone’s built-in battery. Have you found this way to charge is so complex and has so many limitations.

Don’t worry, the Floureon battery case can avoid you from this embarrassment, as it can power your phone at any place. According to the survey, many customers worried about the case gets very hot, and the phone never gets charged up. Floureon have a high quality that means it has the Apple MFI Certified (Certification Code 102407-0098), and even the lightning connector is certified by Apple Inc, meanwhile, it is compatible with iOS 6, iOS 7, iOS 8, iOS 8.1, so just take it easy with Floureon battery.

As for the high quality in detail, it has 3 main features.

1, The built-in battery in the case Using the environment-friendly Li-polymer battery case is certified by CE, FCC, RoHS, the quality can be assured.

2, The rugged protection Durable plastic case and thick rubber wrap with high class material protecting your phone from bumps and scratches.

3, The charging ability 2200mAh capacity doubles the battery life. If your iPhone 5 battery run down to almost 0% and the battery case will fully recharge the phone’s battery in no time. iphone 5s Battery Charger Case (6)

It’s more than a battery case with high quality, but also have 4 diverse designs

1, Special Audio Jack Extender With a standard 3.5mm audio connector for iPhone 5/5S original line.

2, Low profile & slim design This case only doubling your phone’s thickness 0.37inch.

3, LED indicator An LED indicator that shows you how much battery life remains in the case with how many times it blinks, a charging switch used for turning battery on or off, when the iPhone is full, it is automatically shut off.

4, Pretty colours Comes in 6 colorful trim strips that resembles a bumper case. FLOUREON® Apple Certified 2200mAh External Protective Battery Charger Case (12)

In short, this battery case combine charging and protecting, be easy  to toggle on and off, simple to charge, and capable of providing a good indication of how much battery life remains in the case.

And when traveling, running out of battery life is devastating, carrying spares was clumsy, at best. So this Floureon battery really works.

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