[Must Read]How to Choose a Right Battery Replacement for your MacBook?

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How to Choose a Right Battery Replacement for your Macbook

Hi, the original Mac Book battery life will reduce after 2-3 years. It’s smart to find a affordable battery replacement for your Mac Book. Here the problem comes— How to Choose a Right Battery Replacement for your Macbook?

1. Using your Battery’s Model number.

Open your Battery, and Check  Battery’s Model No. of your Macbook .For example:  the below picture shows the Model NO: A1382 

How to Choose a Right Battery Replacement for your MacBook

And you can searching ”Floureon A1382” to find the right battery.


floureon A1382

This video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ds6lvrTE0yI will help you

to know How to replace the MacBook Pro integrated battery

2. Using Serial Number to find.

 a. Find the Serial Number of your Macbook, this can help you know the Model Number.

Check as the picture shows:

how to find serial number of your MacBook_by floureon

b. After find the Serial Number , you need the know more information about your MacBook.

Searching here:  http://www.everymac.com/ultimate-mac-lookup

For Example: Serial Number is:  450210J8FYN

You can find 3 key information:

               Intro Date: October 20,2009

               Model No: A1342

               Order NO: MC207LL/A   

Find macbook information

c. Through     Order NO: MC207LL/A    You can search on Amazon: 

using “Floureon MC207LL/A ” you will find


Floureon MC207LLA

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