Flouren DVR System Maintenance FAQ

If your DVR screen turns blue and shows the information in the screenshot below, this means your DVR has been locked. Make sure you follow the instructions to successfully unlock it.

If the screen contains the message “SystemMaintaining!Contact Installer Plz” along with an SN code, you need to provide us with the SN code and the date shown in the top right hand corner of the screen (note that both the SN code and date shown are crucial to unlocking your account).


If there is no SN code as shown in the screenshot below, you can just provide us with the date in the top right hand corner.


We will be able to provide you with an unlock code based on the information you provide to us. After you enter the unlock code provided, your DVR screen should appear as shown in the screenshot below. Please be aware you must uncheck the “Maintain” option as marked in red. Otherwise your DVR will remain locked.


Click the “OK” button and your DVR will automatically restart. You will then see the following information as shown in the screenshot below.


Provide us with the “locked code” as marked in red or with the “KEY” (if your screen does not show a “locked code”, you can obtain the “KEY” by clicking the “?” icon circled in red). By providing us with the “locked code” or “KEY”, we will be able to provide a “unlock code.” After you input the “unlock code”, the DVR will restart again and be restored to the default settings in which the username “admin” can be used with no password.

Please be aware that each “KEY” and “locked code” are valid for only 24 hours and will change thereafter. Due to time differences, we recommend that you contact FLOUREON to receive an “unlock code” from 09:00-19:00 Beijing time.

Tip: After you successfully unlock your DVR, ensure you promptly enter a new password that is memorable but not too obvious (e.g. avoid passwords such as “12345”).



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