How to Install CCTV Camera Kits in 5 Steps with Tips

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CCTV Camera Systems are getting more prevalent in our everyday life with growing concern pertains to private property safety measure. How each person or business entity choose their video surveillance system varies based on their own personal needs and financial budget. However, one common issue that most ones encounter would be the installation process of the entire system, which cable goes where, how to distinguish one interface from the other, and etc. Don’t worry, we are here now, How to Install CCTV Camera Kits in 5 Steps, the kit that we’re using as a demonstration example is the Floureon AHD DVR CCTV Camera System. 

Floureon Security Camera Kit (9)
Still Have No Idea Which Cable Goes Where?

Step 1 – Understand what comes with the box

The first thing, comprehend the product itself as possible as you can. Many of you made an informed decision before you invest in a CCTV DVR Kit. If you follow the steps and utilize the tips that listed here, you’ll eventually find out – it’s not that hard to install a whole system.

Here are a couple of tips to get you started to DIY your first CCTV Camera System!

Floureon Security Camera Kit (6)
Floureon AHD DVR CCTV Camera

#1 Tip:  Unbox and take out all contents in the package and figure out what each part is or if anything is not included based on the user manual.