Introducing Floureon 42000mAh Portable Power Station

“Overall, I’m very impressed with the performance of this Floureon portable power station. For such a compact device, there are so many uses,” said dial2fast, a YouTuber who has reviewed our Portable Power Station.


At the end, he said that this Floureon portable is a perfect companion “on your camping trip or when you have a remote job outside where you don’t have any AC outlets nearby.”

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(Video Review) FLOUREON 42000mah Portable Power Station—A-must-have “POWER HOUSE” for camping,RC lipo and electronics devices?

Meet this amazing portable Power House for a one-stop power supply when you charge your electronic devices, home appliances, go camping , go flying drones or even all long-way  road-trip if you are an outdoor type? 

With three Fast Charging Ways(by AC/Car Charger/Solar pannel,this huge capacity power bank ( 42000mah)would definitely hit the sweet spot!

video unboxing and review pls click as follow.

ALSO, To estimate runtime for various devices from the 44,000 mAh battery, floureon’s fan @Seldom  ran some tests with a power meter. All measurements are in Watts:

Chromebook, Samsung USB Type-C charger: 30
Chromebook, Inateck USB Type-C charger : 38
Chromebook, HP USB Type-C charger : 37
2013 Chromebook Pixel charger: 32.5
2012 Nexus 7, OFF: 5.1
2012 Nexus 7, ON 10.9

Floor lamp with 3-way LED:
Low : 6.4
Medium : 12.6
High : 20

Clock radio, OFF, low light display: .4
Clock radio, OFF, high light display: .5
Clock radio, ON, high light display: .8

Nightlight with 2W LED bulb
Plugged into smart Wi-Fi switch : 2.5
Plugged in directly: 2W

Camera battery charger: 2.8
18650 Battery charger not charging : .5
18650 Battery charger 2X lithium ion cells : 4

The Fluoreon power pack took ~3.5 hours from an initial charge of 50% to reach 100% charge. Heat is the enemy of lithium ion batteries, so I was glad to see that it has a thermostatically controlled cooling fan, which never came on during initial charge, with an ambient temperature of ~68° in my house.

AC Charging:

2013 Google Chromebook Pixel with battery 50% discharged. Initially, the power draw rose to ~50 Watts; when I turned the Chromebook off, power draw dropped to 31 watts. After 1 hour, all 4 charge indicator lights were still on for the power pack, the Pixel had reached 85% charge, and the cooling fan only came on briefly when I plugged in a tablet for charging from a USB port. As is normal when charging lithium ion batteries, current drops as the device approaches full charge, 24 Watts at 85% charge to 5 Watts at 100% charge. The Chromebook was fully charged after 90 minutes, and the power bank was down to ~75% capacity.

2017 Samsung Chromebook Plus (USB Type-C charger) with battery 50% discharged. Initially, the power draw started at 33.7 Watts, dropped to 18 Watts after 30 minutes charging, which brought battery to 84% charge; 94% after 60 minutes; 100% charge after 80 minutes, and the power bank was down to ~75% capacity.

DC charging:

2012 Nexus 7 tablet, Android app Ampere reported a maximum charging current of 560 mA from a USB charging port, about the same as I see from a smaller lithiunm ion power bank.

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(Video Review) How Does 4S Floureon Battery Works with Arrma Outcast(6S)?

We all love Outcast on 6S Rechargeable Lithium Battery because its obviously acknowledged that it’s more balanced. but sometimes ago, a friend of mine just had have the Arrma Outcast tested FLOUREON ‘s 4S  35C 5500mAh Lipo battery pack, and it works amazingly impressed. let’s check it out for these Duracell batteries at a good buy.


  • Best price as a replacement backup lipo pack –half of the price compared to the original battery packs
  • Good Punch for 35C lipo-work as well as 50C  ones from another brand in the market
  • Provide full wheelies on demand
  • No sign of losing power even after a long runtime–25min



No significant defect.


Check below the video review in Youtube:

Full reviewing  video from Youtube click here 

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[Video Review] Unbox Floureon Apple MFI Certified 2200mAh iPhone 5s battery case

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With Apple MFi Certified lighting connector, no need to worry about any updating when using Floureon 2200mAh iPhone 5s battery case. Compatible With iOS 6, iOS 7, iOS 8 or above. High class material protect your iphone 5S, Charging and protecting 2 in 1. Power your iPhone and protects from bumps and scratches.

best Apple MFI Certified 2200mAh Battery Charger Case for  iPhone5S
Best Apple MFI Certified 2200mAh Battery Charger Case for iPhone5S


[Video Review] Floureon® 40W 5 Port USB Charger Family Sized Desktop Charger With Power Cord

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Why choose Floureon?

  • All 5 USB ports are equal While other brand is not equal. So choose FLOUREON you don’t need to choose the Smart Port for different device. Dynamically adjusting to any device’s unique maximum charging speed. It’s so easy!
  • Rated power: 40W Each USB output is 5V 2A(Max 2.4A), With 5 USB ports so it can charge 5 iPads or other power-hungry tablets all at once at the same time.
  • Each USB Port has the same power and function, so you don’t have to choose the port, just connect and charge directly.
  • Using top-grade microchips and built-in fail-safes, we can ensure you receive full power and also full safety.
  • Broad Compatibility: Compatible with almost all USB-charged devices. 10. Choose FLOUREON, you will say goodbye to first world tech woes and say hello to an easier, smarter life.

Click here to buy from UK

    Click here to buy from US

FLOUREON® 40W 5 Port USB Charger Family-Sized Desktop Charger With Power Cord
FLOUREON® 40W 5 Port USB Charger Family-Sized Desktop Charger With Power Cord

Model: ZQW121123050805 (PA40W)
Input: 100-240V ~ 50/60Hz 1.2A
Output: 5V 2A-(2.4AMax)/USB
Power: 40W(Max)

Smart Port: Much Smarter, Faster and Safer.
1. Used the latest Agilent’s chip technology, Directly and automatically identify the current and charge your cell phone or tablet, Apple iPhone, ipad, Samsung Tab and smart phone.
2. Rated power: 40W Each USB output is 5V 2A(Max 2.4A), With 5 USB ports so it can charge 5 iPads or other power-hungry tablets all at once at the same time.
3. The Only one – the world’s most powerful 40W 5-port USB charger.Say goodbye to using multiple adapters & outlets. Say hello to all-in-one charging convenience. With an industry-high 40W power output among 5 ports, charge any combination of phones, tablets or other USB-charged devices at full speed (up to 8A).
4. Compact and cable-chaos free. About the size of a deck of playing cards (3.6 x 2.3 x 1.0in), place on your workstation, nightstand, or even the entryway desk – creating the perfect charging hub for your gear or the family’s. Or, take it traveling; the unibody construction withstands bumping when stowed in your bag.
5. An automatic recovery fuse are We incorporated a unique port-level circuit protection system that shuts it down in the event of overvoltage, overcurrent, overheating or short circuits.
6. Broad Compatibility: Compatible with almost all USB-charged devices.
7. Choose FLOUREON, you will say goodbye to first world tech woes and say hello to an easier, smarter life.
8. Compatible with iPad 2/3/4, iPad Air, iPhone 5s/5c/5/4S/4, Samsung Tablet or all other devices that support charging via USB power.

Package Content:
1* Original FLOUREON 40W 5 Port USB Charger
1* Power Extension Cord 5.24ft (Plug models depends on coutries)

Video here:

Best Battery Case For the iPhone 5/5s, Double Your Life

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Have you ever ran into the situation when your phone is out of power, you are in urgent need of a charger without finding one at hand, or you are just in the travel far away from the places to recharge the device? This is really the time you need a battery case to work your phone hard.

 Protective Battery Charger Case by FLOUREON® Apple Certified 2200mAh External 继续阅读

4 Tips help you know what is LiPo batteries

Floureon LiPo batteries for RC Helicopter RC Airplane RC Hobby
Floureon LiPo batteries for RC Helicopter RC Airplane RC Hobby

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LiPo batteries (short for Lithium Polymer) are a type of rechargeable battery that has taken the electric RC world by storm, especially for planes and helicopters.

More information on Li-po batteries:

1, The charge rate: The charge time depends on the amount of unused energy that is left in the battery, the available energy capacity (mah) that is left to fill, and how fast you charge the battery. 4.5 amps is the maximum rate that a 4500mAh battery should ever be charged at. A cheap 4500mAh will puff at a 4.5 amp charge, 4.3amps lower is much safer. Lower is safer, but too low waste time.

A 4500mah battery maximum charge rate is 4.5 amps, but it should be charged between 4.3amps and 2.2 amps.

A 1800mah battery maximum charge rate is 1.8 amps, but it should be charged between 1.6 amps and 0.9 amps.

The first number is max, the second number is -2 below max, and the third number is half max.

2, Amp draw problems: The motor and the load that is placed on it is what determine the amp draw from the ESC and the battery. Neither the ESC nor the battery should never restrict amp draw; if it does, you need a better one.

3, Motor Load: The dynamics of the aircraft deals with friction and momentum; it is information like the weight, Air flow obstructions and the aerodynamics of the air frame. Anytime you’re flying and you hear the motor working harder, it’s because the plane turned hard, the plane accelerated , the motor is WOT (wide open throttle), or the plane is climbing fast; these things all put more of a load on the motor.

Increasing the load on the motor creates more heat for the motor’s self-cooling to deal with. The more load, the more heat. The motor’s self-cooling can only dissipate so much heat. Anything beyond that point, the motor will overheat. During flight, When you have to control the aircraft in a certain way by doing less things that place an extra load on the motor, this is called “flight control management”. This is a great way to control the heat and keep the electronics from overheating.

4, Weight: A 35c 4500mah LiPo battery can weigh from 460 grams to 560grams depending on the brand and model number. When you look to buy a battery, weight should be one of the things you look at. A battery weight has a huge effect on the planes power to weight ratio, Two extra ounces will make a big difference in your planes performance.

1000mah – 141grams

1300mah – 176grams

1600mah – 195grams

1800mah – 216grams

2200mah – 225grams

All Floureon® battery packs comply with MSDS, RoHS and CE security testing standards.
Floureon® adheres the standards as follows: More professional, Higher quality and Better service
All Floureon® battery are 30 days money back 12 months seller’s guarantee

Check Floureon® LiPo Batteries on Amazon:  Please click here. 

Floureon battery high quality samsung cell
Floureon battery—  high quality

[New]Floureon® Apple MFI Certified 2200mAh External Battery Charger Case for iPhone 5 /5S

Floureon® Apple MFI Certified 2200mAh External  Battery Charger Case for iPhone  5 /5S

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floureon battery case for iphone 5/5s

Why choose Floureon  2200mAh External  Battery Charger Case for iPhone  5 /5S ?

1. 2200mAh capacity doubles the battery life of an iPhone 5s or

    adds 120% to an iPhone 5s while only doubling its thickness (adds 0.37in)

2. Power your iPhone 5/5S standby time twice with high capacity

    (255 hours standby time / 7 hours talk time / 30 hours audio time / 9 hours 4G surfing time / 8 hours video time)

3. The Lightning connector is Certified By Apple Inc. Compatible With iOS 6, iOS 7, iOS 8 or above.

    High class material protect your iphone 5S, Charging and protecting 2 in 1.

    Power your iPhone and protects from bumps and scratches

4. Come with earphone jack designed for iphone 5/5s original line

5. Environment-friendly Li-polymer Battery case is cetified by CE, FCC, RoHS, so it is safe for you to use

floureon external  battery case for iphone5 5s 1 Floureon external Apple MFI battery case for iphone 5 5s

Security and stability
Our grade-A lithium-polymer battery is certified by MFI, CE, FCC, and RoHs

The Perfect Combination of Convenience and Performance
The battery case uses a high-quality lithium-polymer battery cell, and its superb battery technology provides 2200 mAh of power that gives your phone a remarkable ability to keep going.

2-in-1 Battery Case (Charging and Protection)
The industrial-grade plastic used protects your iPhone from bumps and scratches, while the micro USB to USB cable included allows you to charge both your iPhone and the battery case at the same time.

Capacity: 2200 mAh
Input: DC 5V 1A (max)
Output: DC 5V 1A

Package Contents
Floureon® Extended Battery Case x 1
Micro USB to USB Cable x 1
Audio Jack Extender x 1
User Manual x 1